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63 TEU Self-propelled Container Barge - Bemny Engineering and Logistics Limited

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63 TEU Self-propelled Container Barge

  • Length Overall58 meters
  • Beam14 meters
  • Draft2 meters
  • Capacity63 TEU or 1500 tons
  • Accomodation6 persons
  • Power2 x 533 KW

63 TEU Self-propelled Container Barge

Project Description:

The project involved designing and engineering a twin-hull self-propelled inland container carrier with a capacity of transporting sixty-three TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) of containers. The design focused on efficiency, safety, and compliance with industry standards for container transportation. The barge was equipped with state-of-the-art technology for propulsion, navigation, and cargo handling. The design also prioritized environmental sustainability, with a focus on reducing emissions and fuel consumption.