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1500 Tons Crude Oil Barge - Bemny Engineering and Logistics Limited

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1500 Tons Crude Oil Barge

  • Length Overall55 meters
  • Beam14 meters
  • Draft2.3 meters
  • No of Cargo Tanks8 tanks
  • Total Tank Capacity1500 metric tons
  • Accomodation2 persons

1500 Tons Crude Oil Barge

Project Description:

The project involved designing a double-hulled liquid cargo dumb barge with a capacity of 1500 tons for the safe storage and transportation of crude oil, refined products, or freshwater. The double hull design provided an additional layer of protection against hull breaches, spills, or leaks, enhancing the barge’s safety and environmental sustainability. The barge was equipped with features to ensure efficient loading and unloading of cargo while also integrating a two-man cabin for crew/personnel. The design also prioritized compliance with industry standards for liquid cargo transportation and storage, with a focus on safety and efficiency.